St. Anton

Project Film Improvement, Part 2

I finally managed to find software to increase the frame rate from 25 to 50 on the old films. The programs insert an extra frame between each of the original frames. This extra frame is produced by moving the content to the middle between frame 1 and 2. Very simplified explanation.

In particular, objects (the skier) that move a lot will therefore have a less jagged movement.

The programs I use are described here:
But this is a very oversimplified description, you run into many problems that require troubleshooting and downloading more other things before it finally works. But work it does.

The film from 2003 with my really old camera also had the problem that the camera cheated with the frame rate. To get up to 25 fps, there is for every 5 frames only 3 real, the other 2 are just copies of the previous frame. Nothing to say about it looking weird. I have repaired it by deleting all these copy frames. This brought the frame rate down to 15 fps. This movie, now without cheats, is then deshaken and up-converted to 60 fps using the above method.

Notice how the cheating becomes more visible after deshaking, where the background becomes calm, so you can really see the skier's unnatural movements.

Deshaked, 25 fps:
Camera cheat removed, Deshaked, 60 fps:

2024, week 5-7

The Norwegians did not get so much snow this year. But it turned out to be a really good day after I lured them along to Langen. It was clearly the best snow in the St Anton area that week. It had rained 3 days in a row before we arrived!

The next week we started late, so that the snow could soften, and stopped quickly for après-skiing before the glühwein got cold. Even rest days came into play, never happened before. Skied with Eva, who has recovered well after her skeleton replacements.

My last week I started a few days on Mathew's team, but switched to Emil's group to avoid skinning up.

It was an amazingly lucky shift. We skied the Valluga Pazieltal to Zurs in fantastic conditions. The first time we crossed some tracks was at the very bottom on the long traverse to Zurs. You could just choose which surface you wanted to ski on, no tracks. Of the approx. 12 times I've done the trip, I've never seen anything like it. Great day which we finished down in Maroi, right side. Again no tracks, but only 30 cm compared to the 50 cm we had on Valluga.

Last day with Emil went to Langen, where we had more or less the same kind of snow as 2 weeks earlier with the Norwegians.

So the film starts and ends with trips to Langen:

2023, week 5

The Norwegians were sent home after a few days without much snow. They will forever remember our trip to the Waldschneise, where my binding fell off the ski.

Skied with Helmut on Friday 3/2 and Ali and Rachel 4/2.

Sunday was then with Mathew's team, but my back could not handle a hard compression we skied over on the way down to Ahlenmäder.

So a short film this time:

2022, week 8-9

This week it was Mathew who led the top team. Absolutely no complaint about it! Lots of only slightly tracked snow, good for the muscles. The week for me ended with us setting skins on the skis and going up to Maroi Kopf. Then a few runs downhill, to continue with skins ca. 2 hours higher up. Really cold in the shade at the top. In return, we got super snow in two unforgettable runs down, the first was really long with fantastic easily to ski snow. But we could then learn that boys are better at tying blankets than girls, it spawned some comments :-)

And here is the movie:

2022, week 7-8

Skied with Fridie in week 7, but was too busy skiing to get the camera fished out. Really good conditions.

In week 8, it was George who led the top team. Skilled guy, and great snow. One day we skied Kapal Mattun with snow to chest height a single place, Schöngraben and 3 times Hinter Rendl with entrance from Schimmeleck since Riffel II did not run. Fantastic day, I have not skied so much loose snow in one day before.

And here is the movie:

2022, week 5-6

Since the infection rates for Corona in Denmark and Norway were 4 to 6 times as high per capita as in Austria, we had to flee to St Anton. It became a little more dramatic than usual when our hausfrau became ill, so only on the day before departure did everything fall into place.

The first part of the week it snowed well, so even though we could not see much we drove quite a lot. The Norwegian team was not much for sunshine, so they went home after 5 days so as not to risk anything. However, not Eva, she had trained 86 !!! days up to the trip, it could be seen.

After the heavy snowfall, the avalanche danger was so great that all lifts in St Anton were closed the next morning. And despite a relatively small amount of tourists in St Anton, the lift queues were as large as never seen before. Eva got the very good idea to take the bus to Lech, but already at Flexenbahn we jumped off, and skied back towards Raus, and here we could ski in fine snow all day in the Stuben area, without being bothered by the St Anton herd, the lifts out of St Anton remained closed all day. It was completely surreal to ski with so few other people in the area.

When Eva also had left, I skied some amazing rides on Fiedich's team: Kapal Matun, Schimmeleck, Schöngraben, and we ended up with Rendl Scharte, which took well over an hour to walk up to as Rifle II did not run. So much loose snow in so few days is rare even in St Anton. Not so high, but super nice to ski in.

And here is the movie:


Not a snowflake:

2020, week 10

The Old Guard skied with Jochen this week. Snow was falling! so we finally had good conditions. And this time the snow was not followed by rain the day after, which was otherwise normal in February this year. We drove Hinter Rendl, Mainvasen, Wannele, Schimmeleck, upper Schöngraben and Rost Fall etc.

Here is the movie:

2020, week 6-9

These weeks were a bit different as I was collecting a leg span from a tree on the way out of Wannele.

I won: The branch broke, but I got a powerful blow just over the boot. Looked at it a bit, but no holes in the ski pants, so it was probably just a blow.

So I went ahead and caught up with the others. Then we skied Schimmeleck, all Rendl Backside, and ended with Maroi. The leg was a little sore I must admit. But otherwise a super day, 80% totally untracked new snow, about 1/2 m.

But when I took off my boots, I found that "ein viertel rot" can have more than one meaning. It took 20 minutes to wash the blood out of the stocking. Skin and subcutaneous tissue were pushed a good cm sideways.

So it was a little short après ski, and then a trip to the doctor. He then patched it with 16 stitches in two layers, but then came the worst: no skiing the day after, and even worse "and no disco dancing".

However, I was allowed to ski again the following day, but when he heard what I had skied, another day's ban was issued :-(

So for the next 3 weeks I drove mostly alone, but stayed home on the days when the weather was bad.

It then gave an experience of the big ones: After 2 days of snow, the Schindlergrat bahn was opened, and who sat in the 2nd gondola? ME (and 9 crazy Norwegians). In the first gondola sat a piste guard. When we reached the top station, the Norwegians sped down into Schindlerkar so I could quietly ski down into Mattun. Only one track from the piste guard who checked the route markings. Deep snow to the thigh on all of Mattun hang. That was a day!

2020, week 4 and 5

Bad weather is the most descriptive of these weeks. But then again we had 3 nice days afterall. Apart from that, no snow ofpiste, rain or snowing all day. But this does not stop viking descendants from skiing Hinter Rendl, Schöngraben or Mainwasen. Schöngraben, however, became somewhat challenging at the bottom, but none of us fell into the river.

Here you have the movie:

Link for downloading the full resolution movie (860 MB)

2019, February

What a wonderful development in the amount of snow in St Anton. For the second year in a row, February was a great month. Especially weeks 5 and 6 were almost scary when you disappeared under the snow surface. Unforgettable races down the Schöngraben and at Rendl just between the lifts. Unfortunately, no movie clips from the best days, you have to run fast in order not to be overtaken by other snow destroyers.

Even Alois was lured out of the pensioner's life for 3-4 days, otherwise it was Fossie and Florian2 who took care of us.

Here you have the movie (improved version 3):

Link for downloading the full resolution movie (710 MB)

Project Movie Enhancement

As I found out when making the 2018 February movie, my movies can be enhanced quite a bit by using the original footage which is recorded with 50 frames per second. As to now, I have reduced the movies to 25 frames per second in order to decrease the time it takes to edit a movie, and the size of the finished movie. But I have now found a method to preserve the 50 frames per second which gives quite a quality improvement. At the same time, most people nowadays have faster internet access and computers with large harddisks, so download times are not as problematic anymore, and it all keeps improving.

Consequently I have started up on improving also the older movies. I will here list the movies as they have been improved. Unfortunately I don't have the original footage for all movies, so some will only have the deshaking improved.

Here you can see an example of how badly shaken the footage can be when I am short of breath and it is fucking cold (together with the deshaked version):

Improved Movies:
25/2 2023St Anton 2003.mp4 (6 MB)
23/2 2023StAnton2016w6.mp4 (146 MB)
12/10 2021StAnton2012w5.mp4 (186 MB)
10/12 2018YouTube St Anton 2015 week 9
18/5 2018StAnton2013w8.mp4 (256 MB)
28/3 2018StAnton2016w13.mp4 (120 MB)
28/3 2018StAnton2014w13.mp4 (510 MB)
23/3 2018StAnton2017w8.mp4 (670 MB) (Including bird hunting)
22/3 2018StAnton2015easter.mp4 (1,1 GB)
11/3 2018StAnton2017w5-6.mp4 (1,6 GB)
8/3 20182018 February.mp4 (1 GB)

2018, week 13

The weather forecast for gliding in Denmark in the Easter did not look promising. On the other hand, conditions in St. Anton looked very good with new snow and sun.

The choise was easy, off to St. Anton.

I skied with Jochen, and the first day we were the first to enter Mattun in newsnow. What a start.

Then on to Vallugahang, and later we climbed up at the entrance to Maroi valey, skiing down to the lüftungsschaft. A wonderful day.

The second day started with Valluga North, but then I left the team to have lunch with Eva, Martina, Jens and Simone.

Third day we skinned up to Rendl Scharte, skied down a bit and did a second climb to enter an interesting skiing down in 50 cm "firn". Of course my binding released, so I had to practice my "do not fall into the river" skills.

The fourth and last day we mostly trained how to survive skiing in wet snow off piste. I had 3 falls in about 5 min!

Here you have the movie:

2018, February

At last lots of snow this year. Unfortunately it rained right after most of the big snowfalls, leaving the snow heavy, hard and/or icy most places in the first week. Nevertheless we were first down Kalteneck this season, with really good snow, especially at the top.

Eva broke her leg after only 4 days on ski :-( On a piste of course! Please cheer her up every now and then during the next year. She of course skied down to the nearest cabin lift on one leg. Tough girl!

The second week was really good. But Alois got ill, so we skied with Mathias, which means a little more walking upward.

The third week started extraordinarily well including a walk up to Rendl Spitze, where we layed the first tracks. One of the best days in the last 10 years.

The fourth week had me catching the flew, so an unplanned early exit this year.

The original movie was discarded by the quality control, it was a shaking experience. Therefore I have remixed the movie, removing most of the shaking :-)

You can now also get it in higher resolution:

Link for downloading the full resolution movie (1 GB)

2017, week 8

To be honest, this week was a flop. Only one good day, so the camera stayed in the backpack most of the time. Global Warming was changed into Climate Change, now it should maybe be changed into Local Warming. Thursday we had 15 degrees C in the city, plus 15 that is.!!! I was scolded by an american guy when I braked when skiing down to Maria's place. The braking set off the Niagara Waterfall over the poor man.

Skied with Alois. And being a hunter, he leads us to the wild life, rigth to the ski tips :-)

At the end of the week we got some snow, so Helmuth and I had a nice Saturday, and Sunday with Alois was allright too.

Here you have the movie:

Link for downloading the full resolution movie (670 MB)

2017, week 7

Alois got a cold, so we skied with Florian most of the week. We walked up to Rendl Spitze, Maroi Kopf and Knödel. The snow was OK, but had many hard tracks.

Well, I have always thought that old world champions is sort of brusque. But this week we skied with a 2 times deep snow world champion, Susanne, and she is a completely more sociable girl. Could only Alois win one more world championship ;-)

The week also featured a couple of days where we were only 2 amateurs, the 4 others were all ski instructors!

If you want to see how Per earned 1 Euro from his skiing, you must see the video.

The week ended nicely with snowfall Friday, so Olav, Martin and I had a nice Saturday with up to 30 cm new snow on the North sides.

Here is the movie:

2017, week 5 and 6

Unfortunately the good days were sparse in these weeks, so a lot of on piste technical training was on the menu. But we fabricated a few great carpets anyway!

Skied with Alois both weeks.

Here is the movie:

Link for downloading the full resolution movie (1,6 GB)

2016, week 15

I arrived Sunday morning, thinking what an idiot I was, driving all the way from Denmark to such bad snow conditions! Anyway, I joined Klaus' group along with Ian, Sonja and Maria and a few more. We started the day with technical training on piste, and really thought the whole week would be like that, the snow was awfull outside the pistes. BUT then we skied Valluga-Zurs, and nobody had guessed how good that was. Totally untracked snow from the last snowfall, well only 5 cm, but much better than the rest of Anton. And the snow was good all the way from Valluga to Zurs. What a nice surprise. There is no video from this day, no need to bring the camera I had thought in the morning.

At afterski, I met Uli and Jürgen, they skied with Toni Zangerle, and asked if I would like to join. What a question! So the day after, we also skied Valluga-Zurs, but the snow had deteriorated a lot :-( only the top part had a few cm snow to cut tracks in. But as a compensation, we had really good firn in Lech, places I have never been before.

The next day was with a helicopter starting from Lech at 9 o'clock, and the rest of the day we spent in unspoiled firn. A really nice day, see the video.

Here is the movie:

2016, week 13

The week started with a magnificent run from Valluge to Zurs via the antenna mountain. Of course Ines was not satisfied with the view, but HAD to climb the antenna. Skied with Benni, who told us that the top team of course also should be able to run on one ski. Oh it hurt.

Here you have a You Tube video (90 MB) from the trip:

Here is the full resolution movie:

2016, week 12

Honnestly a fairly bad week. We had some highlights, though: Skinning up with Jochen one hour from Rendl followed by perfect spring snow all way down. With Alois we had the best snow of the week below the avalanche barriers at Hinter Rendl, and fine snow at the upper part of Schöngraben.

PS: The above was written yesterday. Today, 26/3, turned out to be one of this season's best, see the end of the movie, where we were rewarded 40 cm powder together with Jochen.

Here a movie from the week:

2016, week 6

Finally the snow came :-)
Rapidly changing weather, being cold and warm almost every second day. But snow, snow, snow. Alois was overbooket, so Uli, Jürgen, Eva and I skied with Mathias, not a bad choise :-).

Here you have a movie from the week:

2016, week 5

This was a week with strange weather including a lot of rain. I have never seen fine white hills filled with groves from all the streams. Among other things, we skied down Jungbrunntobel, it was really good at the top, but it was terrible in the bottom. Most of us had to eat snow. Even Alois made a tripple somersault.

Saturday I skied with a group that had talked Florian into using his day off for touring up to Rossfallscharte. We made the first tracks :-)

Here a little movie from the Rossfallscharte trip:

2015, March 29th - April 9th

A slightly different ski trip. Most of the days touring with 1.5 to 2 hours ascend.

As you will see in the video, we had a craze with showing fingers to each other. This was triggered by me telling the old story about the newly wed couple in South America. Sorry if you have heard it before, but here it comes:

OK, the newly wed man drowe the wife and all their stuff up the mountain toward their new house, using a cart pulled by a donkey. It all went fine until the donkey suddenly stopped. The man got angry and went to the donkey saying: "One. Stupid donkey, you better go on, or I will be after you". The donkey got scared, and hurried on.

But a little bit later, it stopped again. Now the man really got angry and said: "Two. Continue, or you will regret it". Again the donkey felt it better to obey the man, and continued upward.

But then again, the donkey got tired and stopped. This was too much for the man. He jumped to the donkey and said: "Three", and in the same moment pulled up his gun and shot the donkey.

The man's new wife got shocked by this, and cried to the man: "You stupid guy. Why did you shoot our only donkey. How are we going to feed ourselves now?".

The reply from the man was short: "One".


To spare our voices, we used our fingers from now on: One finger, and you were in disgrace. Two fingers and it would be serious. Three fingers, and you should really have been shot. But luckily nobody had any weapons. But our visit to the first hut should make a change to that!

PS: The colouring is for a certain Dutch couple, giggle, giggle.

Thanks a lot Toni, for the guiding, not to mention the excellent cooking, even Eva had her favorite food, Kaiserschmarren, prepared in this primitive environment.

Wonderful, we finally got real snow in St. Anton :-)

Here is a You Tube video (300 MB) from the trip, (thanks Henrike for the clip from the Rendl gondola):

High resolution movie:

Link for downloading the full resolution movie (1,1 GB)

Here are my


Here are Toni's


And here Julia's


As usual this year, the weather forecast looked nice, just as I was about to go home, so I stayed 3 more days, skiing with Alois in powder one day, spring snow the next.

2015, March 12th-16th

Lots of sunshine and no new snow. So most of the skiing was on spring snow, but we found some 'powder' here and there.

I got my skins tested on a short walk up towards Maroi Kopf, where someone had build a jump. I avoided the jump, only taking advantage of the good snow at the landing spot.

We skied with Florian, and went to Maroi Kopf and Rendl Scharte among others. He asked us to pay attention to the look of the snow surface in order to anticipate where it had been frozen. Some took this advice rather serious, studying it at centimeters distance :-)

Here you have the movie from the trip, including footage from Trond's camera:

2015, week 8 + 9

The snow from week 5 was still there, so we skied untracked snow every day, but also some rather bad frozen stuff. Sunshine the whole week 8.

Skied with Florian a single day in order to ski with Andi and Julia, including a walk up to Maroi Kopf.

As usual, Alois found good snow down to St. Jakob, but it proved demanding, one day, skiing down with the camera without falling. My self esteme was repaired when filming the group splattering down the mountain :-)

We went up to Rendl Spitze one day, but got bad light on the way down.

My last evening in St. Anton, it began snowing quite well. And you can't go home when that happens, of course. Luckily I could prolong my stay in the pension, so next day I showed up as usual 10 vor 10, Galzig, to some puzzled team members. Alois greeted as usual, but suddenly realized, that I was not supposed to be there.

It was a good decision,50 cm on Rendl and 60-70 in Schöngraben. 3 really good days.

Here is a short You Tube video:

Here is the full movie optimized for Nexus 4:

2015, week 5

Almost no snow when arriving at St Anton, but luckily it snowed most of the week. Not so much sun, but fine snow conditions.

Per, of course, had to try if the rented skis could carve granite. Granite won!

Here is the film optimized for Nexus 4:

2014, week 13

Third time lucky this season. No snow the days before arival, but it started snowing just as I arived. The first day we had 75 cm new snow in Schöngraben, and 50 cm elsewhere. But later during the week, we had to get higher every day. So we went Valluga west to Zurs and walked up to the antenna. Really good snow. Rendl backside and up to Rendl Scharte, and the last day on touring ski up to Hochkarspitze, and even better down from it.

A really good week, even though most south facing slopes went from brown to green!

I earned myself a couple of nicknames, though, such as "Kamikaze Johny" and "Johny Rocket". Just because I was serious about offpiste skiing. Departed from the piste and landed pretty hard on the asphalt road to Krazy Kangaroo. Am I glad the car was not parked 5m further back! But I succeded overtaking the racing girl Edina :-)

Here is the video:

2014, week 8

Another lucky week. Almost no snow at arrival, but then it snowed heavily in the start of the week. We skied with Florian all week except Saturday where we skied with Florian (from Tony's ski school). We got a lot of untracked snow trading in some walking up Maroi Kopf etc. Lüftungsschaft was superp. So was Langen via Kaltenberger Hütte. It was the first time I tried skiing from the Maroi valley entrance towards St Christof, a really nice run. With Florian2 we walked up to the left at the Maroi valley entrance from Albona II, and skied all the way to Lüftungsschaft as the first, in totally untracked snow. A big thank you to Florian for making the track uphill !

Helmuth was our guide the first Saturday, thank you Helmuth!

Here is the movie optimized for Android/Nexus 4 (If you want it in full quality, >500 MB, please send me a mail):

and here some

from the movie.

Trond had to take his camera out when we visited MooserWirt:

2014, week 5

How lucky can you be? Just the week before, had been one of the worst in many years. But it snowed the first two or three days, mostly at night, can you wish for more? Only the last day gave us technical runs, as Florian put it (= shit snow plus stones and roots).

Alois has had a bad shoulder accident, so we skied with Florian. We did Maroi Kopf, Langen, Sonnen Kopf, Valluga north, Mainvasen, Schöngraben, Wannele etc. The group was totally spoiled, each and every one was praised, no criticism, nothing we are accustomed to ;-)

Olav guided us excellently on the Satturdays, thanks Olav!

Jenny was skiing again, but had a violent fall at the end of the week, hurting her shoulder :-(

Here is the movie:

Here are some

from the movie.

2013, week 8

What a week! one of the best in many years. The snow was not deep most places, but was excelently distributed and easy to ski. A few places were tricky, though :-)

Alois unfortunately had problems with his knee, hope he will soon get rid of them (the problems, not the knees). We all did our best to amuse him, and succeded at several occasions, hear his cheerful laughter several places in the movie :-)

The last two days were especially excellent. The last day, Sunday, we skied Kalteck with Alois, fantastic snow, well spotted Alois! The new team had some problems at a single spot, the laughter from Alois could be heard miles away.

The day before the last, Saturday, Uli, Eva and I skied with Toni, Alois' partner from the powder 8 world championship. Toni also had taken one of his new guides along, to have a personal look at her skiing. A constantly smiling girl from Poland.

It was a fabulous day. First 2 hours randonee from Rendl/Riffel 1 up to Kreuzjoch. It was freezing cold. But the following skiing was outstanding. The first turns on the top steep part moved something like half a ton of snow in each turn! Unfortunately no pictures or video from this part, we all were engulfed by the skiing (and were freezing like (anti)hell). Further down we had thawed a bit so the camera was taken out, have a look at the powder 8's by Uli and Toni in the movie:

Uli and Toni, powder8 down from Kreutzjoch.

Here is the movie:

and here some

from the day.

2013, week 5

The week started out very well. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Kim and Sonja, Saturday was their last day. We used the day up and down Backside. Sunday with Alois offered a trip to Langen in fine unspoiled snow. Then the weather turned bad. It rained heavily all the way up to 2400m, so the next days were mostly spend on ice covered snow. Only the upper part of Schöngraben had fine snow. I have never taken that many consecutive runs at that place, all untracked bands of snow had to die.

The last two days had really good snow although a bit to the heavy side. And the last day we could actually see more than one meter ahead!

Here is a film from the day before the last:

2012, March 23-25th

The end of this season!

Wonderful firnschnee all friday, Rendl Spitze, Kapal Mattun and Waldschneisse. Skied with Johannes, as Alois had the week off. Saturday it was Ferwall and Wannele, and the first half of sunday was spend with Alois via Valluga hang to Ferwall.

I also had a look at the avalanche on Mainvasen/Mainplatt close up, ugly!

2012, week 8

Yet another week with snow as in the old days :-)

The week started out hard with a quick team that had pursuaded Louis to spend half of his weekly day off with us. Super snow to the hip down through the forrest to Langen.

In the afternoon Eva and I skied down Rendl backside.

Poor Uli was run down by one from the team, fell awquardly, and had to cope with a sour rib the rest of the week. The guy was moved to another team the next day.

We told Manfred that he skied like shit. But so did the rest of us, so we needed a doctor on the team. Uli was deligthed when he went to the drugstore, wrote a prescription and bought her some medicine. Well done Manfred!

The week was characterized by avalanche danger. One day on our way up in the Rendl gondola, a big fishmouth had appeared on Galzig and a few hours later the whole mountainside at Mainvasen, Mainplatt and Waldschneisse went down. Luckily we were not there!

Here is the movie:

Here are some

from the movie.

2012, week 5

Finally we had snow as in the old days, more than 5m in the mountains.

Kalteneck was fantastic, we had two trips out there, with snow to the thighs when at the best. It was unbelievable running a whole week without feeling the bottom of the snow! You had to watch out for the fish mouths, though. They looked very hungry.

This year I finally got a decent recording of some chamois, not only the legs of one.

In this week we also went down the backside of Valluga, a bit scarry despite the good snow conditions.

Here is the movie:

Here are some

from the movie.

2010, week 8

We didn't have much new snow this week. Luckily, a few cm's had been deposited before the start, so we didn't cross many tracks all week.

You could feel the bottom all the time, though. But anyway a fine week.

Duncan had to cash in a muscle rupture, so he had a couple of borring days off off-piste. Friday it finally snowed a bit, so Saturday turned out to be quite good.

During the week we had a walk up Rendl Scharte, skiing down the Malfon Tal where we put in some 8's.

The camera man (me) was a threatened species this week, Uli tried to get closer and closer.

Here is a YouTube clip:

2010, week 5

Finally a year with lots of snow. I don't remember walking so little in a week. We had snow right in front of the ski tips each and every day.

One day, we were standing at the Schindlergrat Bahn, waiting for it to open. When Alois noticed the people in front of us in the queue beginning getting cold and impatient, he began talking about that it would probably open after only half an hour more. That worked. A lot of people gave up, and retracted from the queue, so when the lift opened some 10 minutes later, we were in the front of the queue. Smart trick!

And the reward for waiting was big: Being at Mattun as some of the first!

Here is a YouTube clip:

Here are my

from the trip.

2004, week 9

One of the best snowy trips to the Langen, see for yourself Duncan and Michelle cheer:

2004, week 5

Have you ever tried walking over a stream on a fallen tree covered with ice and snow. With your skis on of course. If not, you can see what is in store for you when it's your turn:


Oh boy! Some time ago I cleaned up this page, throwing out very old movies.

But then Torben could no longer impress his friends with his newest off piste ski run (from 2003!!!!!).

So as a special act of friendship, this movie made a comeback here: