Snowing all week in Norway. This has to be used for something. Check the whether forecast. Saturday looks promising with sun and a few clouds. Snow again Sunday. Driving back could be a problem, though, they talk about a snowstorm on the way to southern Sweden.

It turned out to be a good decision. Arriving at Trysil Saturday morning to 30 cm of new snow just laying there waiting to be used, sun shining and all. See for yourself at the pictures

Really nice trip. The drive home was less dull than usual, nice display of swedish cars in the ditches.


What to do when the skis dries in due to lack of usage and the ski holiday is far away?

Well one possibility is to go to Sweden, but the problem is that you have to go all the way to Åre, if you want it to be anything but some flat hills and a little bit of boredom. But then again there is Trysil, just within reach for a weekend trip, and with slopes that gets near the 50 degrees on short pieces. If the webcams also shows snow pouring down close to the weekend, you might be in for a nice trip, you can almost always find untouched snow away from the piste crowd.

But often it is bitterly cold or wet and the sun doesn't get much over the horizon at winter time. Here you can see some pictures from pretty much the end of the year. The skiing wasn't anything special, but you can get a feeling of how low the sun is in December.