If you need to change many files to use TABs instead of spaces, you can use this program.

Here is the instructions for use:
DeSpaceFile [file] ...
will insert TAB chars instead of spaces
in the file(s) given as argument(s).
Directories given in arguments will be handled recursively.
Only .java, .c and .h files are handled.
If started with "java -jar DeSpaceFile.jar",
the names of directories and files processed will be output.
If started with "DeSpaceFile.jar", or double clicking the jar,
no output will be seen.
TAB size: 4.

Download: DeSpaceFile.jar (500 Kbyte).


Deshaking movie clips without a significant background is difficult. So clips of skiers in loose snow with no tracks or a glider against a blue sky are difficult to handle.

That's why I created the program Deshake.jar. With it you can mark a reference point in each frame that the Deshake plugin for VirtualDub can use.

Watch a demo of the program here: YouTube clip

Download: Deshake.jar (18 Kbyte).