Version 2.5

Update whenever SiteGen gains focus

Version 2.4

Error correction of the 404 error

Version 2.3

Using UTF-8 encoding in filnames and html contents

Version 2.2

Html pages starting with an underscore (eg. _RASP.html) are omitted in the menu system.

Version 2.0

Precompiled using Excelsior JET.
User selectable output directory. In this way updated files can be loaded directly to the web server.
Better time stamping of files, so updating a source file will cause re-generating the corresponding output file.

Version 1.9

Added some space around the logo picture to get space for e.g. "Switzerland" in menus.

Version 1.8

Support for having different language versions of a given folder. Example:
Danish Folder name: Sitegen
English Folder name : Sitegen_gb
In both the Danish and the English version the menues will contain Sitegen (but not Sitegen_gb).

Create two file trees, one for each language and generate the output structure in both trees. You have to manually merge the two output trees onto the web server.

Version 1.7

First somewhat error free version.