Android applications

I have made some free apps for Android phones. They can be downloaded here.

Note: You need to set the phone to allow installation from unknown sources in order to install these apps.

They can also be found on Google Play, search for "Johny Johansen", must be quoted.


A really easy loupe. Can even be used without glasses :-)


Send your GPS location to the retrieval team after an outlanding.


Use your mobile as a flight computer.

Get the manual and instruction video (in Danish)

IGC files are included for training purposes, and you can put your own IGC files in sdcard/Gliding/IGC/.
This app can also receive test data via WIFI from the IgcReplay program, so you can practice the use of Gliding while waiting for better weather.
This is mostly usefull, if you have a lot of IGC files you would like to test.
You can see how to send IGC files via WIFI here:

Shopping list

A really Keep It Simple Stupid shopping list. Reading glasses not required.


Showing charging / discharging current to the battery on an analog instrument.
The analog display of charging current makes it easier to find the optimal location of the phone on wireless chargers.


Keep a count of your beer intake.

Change your mobile's language to Norwegian or German to see the ladies version.


Automatic start list for (glider) pilots.


Calculator for entering flight times in your logbook and the plane's journal.

Try it! You have never been able to count hours and minutes with so few key clicks.

You can add these numbers together without any keystrokes if you use mental arithmetic. BUT IT DOESN'T WORK ERROR-FREE !!!

Fif: If you hold the phone horizontally, there is room for even big fumble fingers.


Speedometer for winch drivers at Kaldred.

See how strong a signal is being received from the aircraft. Also shows the difference signal during the start, but it is recommended to use the LedDisplay for that. The app starts when the winch engine is switched on. However, must be connected with a USB cable.

Log files from the winch starts are generated in /sdcard/WinchSpeed/

To work most easily, remove opening ceremonies such as swipe, PIN, face or fingerprint so that the phone just starts when you turn it on. So do not use your normal phone, or at least not without having it under surveillance. It will also be a bit critical to forget the phone somewhere if you turn off the start lock.

In addition, in the phone's developer settings enable "Avoid hibernation while charging".

You can use the phone with start lock, but then you have to turn on the phone yourself every time before turning on the ignition.


Widget to turn mobile data and hotspot on and off.

Due to some change in Android, this widget stops working quite often, so it is probably faster to yourself making the changes in the settings for hotspot and mobile data.

If it stops working, delete it (do not uninstall) and re-insert it. Annoying.

I work from time to time on the case, but it is not easy when Android does not behave as described in the documentation. I think it has something to do with the fact that a limit of 50 has been introduced for things that do nothing. So my widget just gets dumped. Imagine if the same thing happened to all the app icons that do nothing !!!


Record screen capture video:
adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/demo.mp4 adb shell screenrecord --size 544x960 /sdcard/demo.mp4 (for portrait, half size)

Copy file:
adb pull /sdcard/demo.mp4 E:/a_tmp/demo.mp4

adb backup -apk -shared -all (will generate the file backup.adb in current dir)

adb restore backup.adb

Icon størrelser:
drawable-mdpi 48x48
drawable-hdpi 72x72
drawable-xhdpi 96x96
drawable-xxhdpi 144x144
drawable-xxxhdpi 192x192

Generer iconer her: Icon generator

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